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Static Parameters

Parameter Value Units
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Test ID
File Format
Tester ID
No of Tanks
No of Steps
Tank 1 Vol Litres
Tank 1 Temp °C
Tank 2 Vol Litres
Tank 2 Temp °C

Editable Parameters

Parameter Value Ed Units
Property ID
Envelope Area m2
Volume m3
Building Age
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Building Construction

Calculated Results

Results Measured Calculated Units
4 Pa 50 Pa
Air Leakage Rate m3/s
Leakage per Hour m3/h
Air Permeability m3/m2h
Air Change Rate 1/h
Effective Leakage Area m2
Uncertainty ±%
Result Value
Room Temperature
Atmospheric Pressure
Pulse Duration
Steps Used
Pressure Range
Correlation of Results Confidence Limit 95%
Pressure Exponent
Intercept (CENV)
Intercept (CL)

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